five things you should know in Mathew 1:1

The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David and the son of Abraham: Mathew 1:1

This book is written by Mathew who is also known as Levi (former Tax collector called 9:9 and apostle later on) shortly after the resurrection of Jesus Christ in approximately AD 37-40. Even though it is written by Mathew but there is no shadow of doubt that the author is Holy Spirit, God himself. This is first book of the New Testament and unveils impeccable mysteries about Jesus Christ proving Jesus Christ is the King-Savior.

1. First and last name mentioned in the New testament is JESUS

As the New Testament begins first name in Mathew 1:1 mentioned is Jesus Christ and last name in Revelation 22:21 is Jesus which shows the all content revolves around Jesus Christ. Not Just scriptures but everything in the universe revolves around his nature because He is creator of it (John1:1-3).

2. Genealogy of Jesus begins with Abraham not Adam in 1:2

Mathew began genealogy of Christ from Abraham not Adam because Adam was created and Abraham was called. Kingdom of God is based on called ones. Luke has mentioned all the way back to Adam and to God.

There are four Gospel Mathew, Mark, Luke and John and each one has represented Jesus in different perspective. Mathew represents Jesus Christ as King –Savior, Mark represents Jesus as servant of God who came to serve and served His Father until death, Luke has focused Jesus as complete and proper Man and John enlightens Jesus as God.

Only Mathew and Luke have the genealogy of Jesus Christ. They both belonged to deep-thinking professions, one was former tax collector and other was physician. Both had to think beyond to work in their fields of calculations and medicines. They might felt need to add genealogy of Jesus Christ while other focused on His miracles and teachings to reveal His nature.

3. Son of David, Solomon, is type of Christ in Old Testament.

Not only Jesus belongs to the lineage of David but also Solomon is type of Christ as son of David in Old Testament. He received throne as inheritance from the Kingdom of His father. He did two mainly things, First He built the temple and second He spoke the words of wisdom so the foreign queen came to hear him. Jesus in real meaning is creating the temple which is church and He has spoken the words of wisdom and power.

4. Son of Abraham, Isaac, type of Christ in Old Testament.

Isaac is also wonderful type of Christ in Old Testament. As son of Abraham he inherited the promises and blessings which God gave to Abraham. He did two mainly things, first he was obedient to his father even unto death and was resurrected and secondly He took Rebecca a gentile woman as his wife. Jesus Christ is also fulfilling this type as his death on cross and resurrected on third day. He also took gentiles as his bride which is Church.

5. Jesus is the Christ.

First verse of the first book of New Testament introduces Jesus as Christ. He is the one whom of God was prophesying in the Old Testament. He is the promised one our savior who is coming back for his people to take them with him to heaven.

Appeal: Jesus Christ is the Messiah and only way to heaven. He died for you so you may live and have abundant life. If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as Savior yet, time is running out. Accept him and He will accept you. Ask God to He will listen to you.

About the Author: Evangelist Khuram Bashir is missionary from Pakistan and currently serving in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Invite him to your church to share his testimony filled with experiences of persecution and testimonies. For more information contact us from Contact tab under about us in the menu.

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