Massive Earthquake with 7.8 Magnitude Strikes Nepal

Last night was nightmare for the people of Nepal, a horrible Massive earth quake strike to the nation of Nepal near its capital, Kathmandu. According to CNN NEWS, This powerful earthquake was forceful with magnitude of 7.8 and killed more than 1400 people within radius of 50 Miles.

First people felt like a tremor but soon its forceful intensity increased and blew up houses, monuments, historical buildings and seared places. People are still shocked and running to find their relatives.

“One of My Close friend from Nepal has lost his four family members”

Something that everyone in my country has feared for decades has finally happened last night. 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal around 12am killing 800+ people, destroying alot of homes and historical monuments etcs. Promis Tamang Facebook Post

Kathmandu is Capital of Nepal with approximately population over one million. People are facing difficult situation. It is emergency and people are in need of Basic help like food, water, medical assistance and Shelter.

This is tough time in which we need to stand with the nation of Nepal with our prayers and Support. We have friend Pastor
Suryodaya Timsina who is from Nepal, We want to send him donation for the relief of People of Nepal. We urge you to send donations and sacrificial gifts.

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