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Every month, thousands of people read biblical literature in their own language and transform their lives. Noor-e Masiha, Light of Christ, is 26 pages urdu magazine which is translated from English theological articles provided by scholars. It contains many series and special teachings from holy scriptures.

Distribution Process

It is distributed in different cities of Pakistan from Karachi to Lahore. Our team distribute freely to Pastors and Ministry leaders in Faisalabad. We send packages to different cities to our representatives in other cities like Gojra, Lahore, Karachi, Gujranwala and Islamabad.

This Christian Magazine, Noor-e-Masiha, is printed in Urdu language for the edification and training of believers in Pakistan

We have received many testimonies that how people like this and many pastors are preparing their sermon outlines from its material. You can get freely every month by contacting us. Write us email we will get back to you.

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