How to activate dead faith…

Bible is crystal clear that if you have faith like mustard seed you will ask mountains and mountains will move. Faith is key to perform miracles and to life as Jesus lived. Jesus Christ said that if you will have faith you will do the same things what i do even you will do bigger works than me. But question is it, being born again and saved christians why such new testament miracles are not happening through us? Answer is very clear because of lack of practicing Faith.
Aristotle made several efforts to explain how moral conduct contributes to the good life for human agents, including the Eqikh EudaimonhV and the Magna Moralia, but the most complete surviving statement of his .

Faith is foundation of Christain life

Without faith you cannot please God. We christians must have faith in order to live successful and prosper life. Because we don’t live by sight but faith.

Faith is pillar of Christian life. If we practice faith we follow pattern of our master Jesus Christ who lived exemplary life of faith.

There are three basic principles of activating dead faith.

  • Choose faith vs facts
  • have relationship with God
  • release control and surrender to God

These three principles mentioned above have been discussed in details in video link. Please take your time to see video. God Bless you

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